Model Railroad Scenery

Choosing the model railroad scenery that is in line with the scale or gauge of model train you decide to use will provide your layout with more interest and variation.

Rather than Have a Bare Track Layout You Will Want to Include Scenery To Give Your Layout More Interest and Your Own Persoal Touches.


Landscape adds enthusiasm to your train set. You can pick scenes demonstrating a rural setting, a mechanical with industrial facility and stockroom structures, or urban with a city scene. Your scenery can be home made or purchased and a blend of both. Different levels of landscape help to give a feeling of realism. Like utilizing bigger trees in the frontal area and smaller trees further from the front of your layout or on the highest points of mountains adds to the realism of the scenery. Also, you may want to put smaller structures toward the rear portion of the layout rather than in the front to add more interest. Additionally, recollect that the human eye generally just takes in one scene at any given moment. You may wish to have a few separate scenes along the course of your tracks with every scene being a fascinating comment on the ways of life or components of regular excellence, as long as they all fit in with your topic. Your tracks or streets will lead the eye along starting with one scene then onto the next to keep up the enthusiasm of the watcher. Try to avoid having tracks or streets follow a straight line along the edge of the design. This has a tendency to be fairly uninteresting. In the event that you need to do this try to include streets or streams that break up the scene at the edge to reduce the dullness of parallel lines.


Purchased Scenery Examples

Train Station

Train Station for your train table

This is one example of a train station that may be used for a siding scene.  Train stations come in several configurations and with individual names to indicate the location of the station.  The train station can be set up for a freight location or as a passenger station with some freight indication also.



Trees for your train table scenery

Trees can be used to add greenery to your layout and a real nature look. They can also be used in a city to give it a natural appeal and realism. Tree placement can be important in setting up the appearance of distance by placing the smaller trees toward the rear of the layout or on hilltops.


Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe Building for your train table

This example of a city building or eating place could be used in an urban setting. Street lights might also be added for more interest.  This building is better placed away from the track closer to the center of the village, with other village buildings.  Scale vehicles placed so as to appear parked on the street by the building would help to make the scene not so barren looking.




Barrels for your train layoutThese barrels might be loaded onto a freight car or stacked beside the train depot to be picked up by another train or stacked by a local business. Barrels come in different styles and sizes. Some resemble wooden oak barrels while others look like a fifty-five gallon oil drum with the name of the fuel company on the on the drums.


Fire Station

Fire Station

The fire station would add to the appearance of an urban or city scene.  The fire station can be close to the track or set away from the side of the track toward the middle of a village setting.  A properly scaled fire truck can also be used for more interest in the setting.




Glass Factory

Glass FactoryThe Glass factory could be used in the industrial portion of your layout.  Placement of the glass factory on the layout would be good at close to the track siding ready to load the material for shipping out.  This could be placed at edge of a village setting representing an industrial setting.  



Farm Supply Elevator

Farm Supply Elevator

The farm supply elevator might be used closer to the rural scene of the layout. It also would fit in an industrial setting with other commercial buildings.  Here again this building would be placed near the rail siding to represent the shipping in or out of the grain received from the nearby farms.  




Tunnel Portal

Tunnel Portal

This tunnel portal would be used on a tunnel that is built from scratch with the greenery and small vegetative growth on top of and around the tunnel.The portal would be placed at the edge of a large hill or mountain setting.  Using the tunnel portal permits the user to make an interesting addition to the layout.