Model Train Tables

Choosing and designing the model train table that best fits your needs and what you want your table to look like. Also the amount of space you have available will be a determining factor on your table type and size.


Building Your Model Train Table

With regards to owning a train set, tables are imperative. They decide the measure of train you can get for yourself. In any case, what table to get? We will be helping you to comprehend the span of table you will require for yourself, and also portray the diverse styles that are accessible for you so you can get the best table for your home and begin with collecting your train set. Your model railroad can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The plan of your table will rely upon numerous factors. A portion of the things you should consider are your accessible space, physical get to, how versatile you need your format, also the track design you choose to utilize. As a first time design a standard 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood is chosen by many individuals.  The 4 x 8 plywood is more desirable than dimension lumber because it is easily found at the local building and supply, and it does not have the problem of having the imperfections of dimension lumber. Notwithstanding the scale you like a humble size railroad will fit on this size format. The 4 x 8 design offers a genuinely huge measure of fascinating track designs.

 When you decide to build your Model Train Table you may want to get a friend to help in the construction.  You will need to determine the type of materials you want to build your table with.  This would include the type of wood, extruded styrofoam to help act as sound deadening material, what to fasten the table together with.  Also you will need certain tools to handle the construction, such as tape measure, screw drivers, glue, a drill, hammer and nails.  The video on this page gives a good example of getting started on your model train table.




Possible initial table

Ping Pong Table train layout

A possible easy table to set up as your first table is a Ping Pong table. The size is adequate for an interesting first table and it has several advantages. First of all you do not have to build it, also you can move it around if you need to. The table can also be folded up if you need to make room for other activities.





Building your first table

Build your first table

To build your first table the size of 4' x 8' is a very reasonable and practical place to start. The materials for this table should be good quality plywood since the plywood sheet is already 4' x 8' and it is harder to find good quality dimensional lumber. The plywood will have less imperfections and very available at your home supply store.













A Small Variation in the 4'x8' table

Modified tabler

To add a little variation and interest in your train layout you can make a small variation in your basic 4' x 8' table. The modification will enable the adaptation of a variable track layout and scenery placement.





More Involved Table Base

More involved table

As your interest in your train hobby grows you will see more interesting ways to display your trains. The table layouts are limited only by your imagination and the amount of space you have to construct a more involved table.



Larger and More involved Table

Larger more involved table

A more sophisticated and larger table will enable more possibilities to enhance your layout and the number of trains you will be able to run in an interesting configuration. When you get to this level of development you may want to get someone to help you with the construction.